BodhGaya Enlightenment TRAILS

This specially designed product allows you to walk the very trail that the frail Prince Siddhartha used in the last leg of his journey to enlightenment. The trail starts from Mahakala Caves in Bodhi Prag where Prince Siddhartha is believed to have lived for the last leg of his meditation. The thin and lean Prince left the Mahakala Caves and started walking toward Niranjana River. He crossed the River and reached Senani Gaon where he bumped into a village girl named Sujata who was worshipping the statue of Lord Shiva on her fasting day.

As the story goes, the girl was initially terrified to see a man in such a pitiable condition. Moved by his extreme meditation that had caused him lot of suffering, Sujata advised him to torture the body anymore and take the middle path – neither extreme, nor loose, for meditation. She offered rice pudding, which she had used an offering to appease Lord Shiva, to the frail man. The prince at the rice pudding and left the place to take a bath in the nearby Niranjana River. He then crossed the river and reached under a Bodhi tree where he did the final meditation. This is where he attained enlightenment and became Buddha – the man of supreme knowledge.

This is why we have branded this section of Buddha’s final meditation trail as the Enlightenment Trail. We believe all devout followers of the Buddha and Buddhism will love this new tourism product in Bodh Gaya.